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Netlify CMS is Also Magic
Nov 5, 2018
2 minutes read

Cleaned up the commenting CSS mostly around indentation but I also got around to adding the Netlify CMS. Every time I add it to a site, it seems, just enough time has passed that I’ve forgotten the peculiar install method and I find myself wondering where is this admin folder I am supposed to put in my static folder.

I just love that install is so simple that the instructions have you manually create the files and folders. Then it dawns on me once again how complex that config file can get. The config.yml for this blog is

  name: git-gateway
  branch: master # Branch to update (optional; defaults to master)

media_folder: "content/assets/img/uploads"
public_folder: "/assets/img/uploads"
  - name: "blog" # Used in routes, e.g., /admin/collections/blog
    label: "Blog" # Used in the UI
    folder: "content/blog" # The path to the folder where the documents are stored
    create: true # Allow users to create new documents in this collection
    slug: "{{slug}}"
      - {label: "Title", name: "title", widget: "string"}
      - {label: "Date", name: "date", widget: "datetime"}
      - {label: "Draft", name: "draft", widget: "boolean", default: true}
      - {label: "Mastodon Statis Id", name: "commentid", widget: "string"}
      - {label: "Body", name: "body", widget: "markdown"}

The one I’m setting up for the wife’s website is 220 lines long. I’ll save your eyes and shan’t post it here.

It’s not a particularly exciting problem domain but I am constantly impressed by the solutions these folks come up with.