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Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed
Nov 4, 2018
2 minutes read

So, after some spring cleaning, this makes it two blog posts out of two that are about the blog itself. Over the course of 7 years. Thus confirming I’m one of those people.

I have moved the hosting to Netlify because it is magic and I love it. Builds and deploys triggered by pushing to a named branch of a git repo. Built in CDN. Automatic HTTPS. I love it.

Site itself is built with Hugo using the Cocoa theme. Built files aren’t pushed to git because Netlify runs the build and publishes the output.

Only thing of note is the Nelify lambda function called by the javascript on each blogpost to check for a corresponding share on my Mastodon account and pull in any conversation as comments.

I’d considered looking into making a basic golang blog or static blog that could federate but decided not only would that be difficult but I really just wanted the comments. It’s using the mastodon.js API and the concept implementation and a lot of code was nabbed from Björn Schießle.

Elastisearch isn’t enabled on my instance so my function looks for a specific toot id that I have to add to front matter in the posts. Need to have a think on how to make it work with less intervention.