Don't say anything real, this is the Internet

Once again it has become clear that people can't genuinely discuss anything without the threat of an emotionally charged mob ready to pile on with righteous indignation.

Dave Winer has earned the wrath of twitter once again. This time while discussing an experience he had of being accused of age discrimination.

A few days later, I got a certified letter from an attorney. The charge, age discrimination. I had never seen anything like it.

It's all well and good until later in the post, where he correctly points out that a sure fire way to eliminate the risk of someone suing you for discrimination is to only hire young men.

But every time a company hires someone who is not a young male, they run the risk that the new hire isn't there to work, rather is there to scam you

An off the cuff remark that whilst true, is not a valid solution to the problem and moreover wasn't suggested as one (not that it necessarily matters).

I certainly don't advocate not hiring people Roy's age

Yet still, Dave is attacked for advocating a policy of hiring only young men. The twitter mob pile on and, rather than add to the discussion, they attack.

This could be an interesting conversation about how people can improve the hiring process to filter out people who are looking to cause trouble; or how best to set up HR procedures when dealing with under-performing staff; or how others have dealt with similar cases and how to help employees feel safe hiring minority applicants.

But no, lets not have any of that, because this is the Internet. Why have a discussion and share some knowledge and experience when we can have a nice lynching, everyone enjoys those.