The One and Only

Amongst the farce that was the Heathrow Terminal 5 opening there is a
story about a dance musician that lost his laptop.

Calvin Harris was returning from America when his laptop bag went missing. What makes this especially troublesome for Calvin is that said laptop contains the only copy of his new album... Ooops.

This is what a Columbia Records Spokeswoman had to say on the matter:

"He has lost the only copy of the new album. It is a big cause for concern - months of work have gone into that. They have offered about £750 in compensation. You can't really put a price on something like a new record."

Yes you can, my friend that works at HMV does it several times a day.

I'm amazed at how stupid this guy is. I know if I had worked on a project for 7 months I would have more than one copy of it, especially if I was carrying it around the world with me.

I appreciate that the people in charge of the Terminal 5 opening couldn't organise a pissup in a Brewery. However, for this guy to be pining for compensation based on lost data seems crazy. You have been compensated for the loss of your physical items, anything else that you cannot retrieve is down to you being a moron.

I guess what you really can't put a price on, is good sense.