The George Cross Island

Just look at this place.

I am, it has to be said, rather looking forward to my upcoming holiday. 8 nights in Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean. If on the off chance any one reads this who has been, let me know how you found it.

I'll finally get to meet some of the famously friendly natives and meet up with my friends. Moreover, it's going to be great to get away from the sub freezing temperatures that have descended on the UK this week. I tend to get grumpy with wintry weather.

I'm gonna try a little of all the food this place has to offer. Not sure I have the right tastes for Maltese food but you have to try things don't you. I also can't decide whether I should take my camera and get some potentially amazing shots. Or if I should just soak the scenery in the old fashioned way and not be 'that guy' with a camera...

I can't wait.