Cunning Racists

I tried to approach this post in a way that wasn't sarcastic and full of vitriol but I just couldn't do it.

It has come to light today that the only people that are allowed to do bad things on TV are Middle Class Caucasians. It is utterly offensive and distressing for anyone to comprehend the concept of someone from any other background possibly doing anything dishonest.

A complaint has been made to the BBC about alleged racism in a scene in Basil Brush in which a gypsy woman is selling heather and wooden pegs. Can you believe the nerve of the producers? Showing something that clearly never happens, I mean come on, a gypsy, selling heather, it's clearly ridiculous.

Here is an excerpt from a BBC article on the story:

Bridie Jones, of the England Romany, Gypsy and Irish Traveller Network, accuses the UK media of double standards when it comes to racism.

"I find it very upsetting and distressing that in this day-and-age the media will use a puppet to get their own negative views and opinions across of a group that is struggling to survive," Mrs Jones told the BBC.

"They are not allowed to joke about blacks or Asians any more because they would be taken to court, but when it comes to Gypsies or the Irish travelling community they mock us - and to them it's not racist."

A gypsy was depicted doing something that some gypsies do. Of course not all gypsies go round selling lucky heather but I bet there are considerably more gypsies do so than Asians or WASPs.

Thicker Skin Required

People need to step back and calm the fuck down. Accept that people of there own racial/religious/social/class group sometimes do things that are deemed as unusual or dishonest. If a young white Englishman is depicted on TV going abroad and behaving like a larger lout. Is that racist? Most defiantly not, because it sometimes happens and there is no need to make the leap of judgement that every one of us behaves in such a way. The same goes for many other situations it's not suggesting that they all do, it just that it happens.

  • White middle class English parents are shown going through a divorce.
  • A working class English teenager becoming pregnant at a young age.
  • Football fans causing trouble in a bar.

These things happen and should be allowed to be depicted in fiction without fear of some uptight activist bringing the lawyers to town.

Moreover if someone wants to poke some fun at someone else then please grow a sense of humour. If I see a TV show or Film or Comic take the mick out of an English stereotype then I just roll with it and more often than not, laugh along. It's just for laughs; yes sometimes it stings but just let it go. I recently travelled abroad to see some friends. I spent a large chunk of time having the piss taken out of my accent. You know why? Because it's funny, that's why.

Mrs Bridie Jones and all those like her need to remove that stick from their backside and get on with their life. And any gypsies that were equally as offended by Basil Brush feel free to make fun of people that live in houses we can't afford the mortgage for despite slaving away 9 till 5 in jobs we hate. I'm sure that's hilarious to people looking on from another way of life.

I'd be inclined laugh along with you, you know why? Cos I'm not an up tight, awkward, time wasting, arse.

Don't Mess With The Brush

There is however, despite all that I have said here a more important and overwhelming point:

I don't care who you are or what you do no one, and I mean no one, has the right criticise the legend that is Basil Brush.