Progressive Atrophy of Common Sense (part V)

In 2008 Roger Kreutz was standing in line at Starbucks when 19 year old Aaron Poisson grabbed the tip jar from the counter and fled the premises. Mr Kreutz gave chase. Following a struggle Mr Poisson gets into his car to escape, and in doing so, knocks Mr Kreutz to the ground. Mr Poisson was later caught and arrested.

Mr Kreutz later died from head injuries.

Mr Poisson served year in jail after pleading guilty of involuntary manslaughter.The family of the deceased have since met with Mr Poisson and seem to be dealing with their loss in a very balanced way. That is until they file a claim for wrongful-death against Starbucks. The claim states that Starbucks "did not employ security to prevent the perpetration of such crimes" and that they "invited the act of perpetration of said crime".

They are essentially claiming that Starbucks having a tip jar in plain sight without security protection makes them responsible for his death.


There are 2 things stopping me from going completely nuts over this one. Firstly there has been no ruling on this jet and I can only assume it will be dismissed as folly and secondly the family seem to be reasonable folk, judging by their treatment of Mr Poisson. I can only hope that they have been lead astray by a poor excuse of a lawyer and a powerful need for money.

I would be horrified if my family behaved in this way following my death, well I wouldn't, because I'd be dead but you get the gist. I hope this legal action gets dismissed and I hope the family put it behind them.

Link to the full lawsuit