Progressive Atrophy of Common Sense (part III)

PINK magazine editor Cynthia Good has managed to persuade Atlanta city council to part with $1,000 in order to change 50 'Men at Work' signs. Public Works Commissioner Joe Basistatold

"It seemed like the right thing to do"

City union leader Gina Pagnotta claimed female public workers had complained about the signs years ago.

"It is a little bit biased to say 'Men Working', Women are working, too."

Herein lies another example of political correctness gone mad. For anyone to feel a 'Men at Work' sign bears any kind of significance and to take offense to it, flies in the face of good sense. I have always considered the term man to be synonymous with human. I can imagine a feminist reading that will be baying for blood but frankly these people need to get a grip. This is not one more small victory in the endless struggle for gender equality, it's weak minded pettiness that has been pandered too by politicians afraid to stir up a group of voters.

I would much rather the Atlanta city council put the money towards something worthwhile like helping victims of domestic violence. Moreover, I would much rather Cynthia Good spent her time campaigning for something worthwhile like equal pay for women.

In short: I wish people would get a grip of what's important and stop wasting time and money.